We are Growth Hack Ads. We provide Facebook Ad services on demand for new, small and medium-sized businesses who cannot afford a Facebook Ad Agency, but who desperately need help creating and managing their Facebook Ads!

All of our ads are created custom and unique. Our services include concept, creative ( design), copy, targeting and set up. Not sure how much you should budget for ad spend? We also provide a budget consult for every ad that we create!

Do You want more Likes on Your Facebook Page?

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How It Works…

Step 1: Book an appointment with our ad strategist to do your ad.
Step 2: Show up! Ads are done via Facebook Messenger and take 30-60 minutes to complete
Step 3: Ads include copy, creative, targeting, set up & budget consults. Ad is designed and set up during your session.
Step 4: Ad is pitched – you approve – and then it is set up for you in ads manager.
Step 5: Ad runs. Is monitored for CPC. ( cost per conversion ) while it runs

That’s All! So easy!

Who Do We Help?

We work with new, small and medium-sized businesses who see huge potential with Facebook Ads but who cannot afford agency retainers. By offering high-quality Facebook & Instagram ad services: creative, design, copywriting, set up, targeting and budget consult INCLUDED, we are able to help our clients SAVE MONEY and GET RESULTS with Facebook Ads at an affordable price.

Because there is no contract. No retainer fee. And no additional costs for designing and running the ads, our clients are able to hand off the task of creating and running ads, to an experienced ad strategist ( available on demand ) drastically increasing the success rate of their ads and taking their ad spend dollars further than they would of doing their own ads.

Get A Facebook Ad
Created For Your Business

Our process is quick and painless, all ads are done via Facebook Messenger you just provide the info we do everything else!
All of our ads are created custom and unique for your business, to help you achieve your goals.
In just a short 40 minute session we can get all of the info we need from you to create your ad.
While your ad runs we will monitor it for CPC and inform you if any changes are made.




Grow your page to influencer level

Bloggers, Podcaster, Coaches, Artists, and Musicians! 

You can get your content in front of MORE PEOPLE using THIS Facebook Ads strategy.