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Build Your Facebook Page to Influencer Level with real Interest Targeted Likes!


You have an amazing offering that you have hustled your ass off to launch.

You KNOW that there is an audience out there who would just LOVE your content, if only it was on their radar – but the dilemma is you aren’t “viral” yet…

This is causing a real dilemma because you know:

“People tend to engage with, share and like content that appears to be already popular…”

They ignore ( or don’t even see ) the content posted by anyone new because of the algorithm…

So getting the traction that YOU NEED for your brand new venture… well, it has become an uphill battle and you’re are frustrated as all hell.

By now you’ve probably considered “buying likes” and followers for social media accounts so that they at least look more legitimate.


However, deep down inside – you know that isn’t going to REALLY work because the “likes” that you buy for your page won’t be real people ( or ) if they are real people they won’t be interested in the content that you post.


Sure, you could go ahead and populate your social media profiles with a bunch of random profiles just to make it look better – but is that really going to do anything for you in the long run…NOPE.


What if there was an alternative solution?


 That would quickly populate your Facebook Profile with an audience that is actually going to be active on the content that you post!?
Well, I have one –  please let me tell you about it…



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Now the other problem with MOST “like buying” options is that the people are being incentivized to like the Facebook Page or follow the Instagram profile aren’t really there for the content – and will not likely engage with anything that is posted on it.

This means that when someone checks out your profile to see if you truly are “influential” they won’t see any engagement and then they will know that all of your audience members are fake.

Obviously, this isn’t going to help you at all and it may even become a problem when your content actually starts to take off.

So now you are in a no-win situation.

Need more followers and page likes to legitimize your content
Can’t seem to get them organically because nobody sees your posts
You don’t want to “buy cheap likes” because you know that won’t help you in the long run –
You’re desperate for a solution because you’ve been stuck with a low follower count for god knows how long.


Let me help!

My name is Brandie Peters and I am a social media strategist who specializes in Facebook Advertising. I have been working in the content marketing space since 2012 – and I totally GET the struggle that content creators and online business owners are up against when it comes to building their influence and getting their brand noticed these days.

No, of course, you don’t want to “buy” your audience because you’ve got great stuff – and your audience is out there.
But you DO want to speed up your growth so that you can actually get some action on the product / or content that you have been pouring your heart into launching.

This is why I started to offer my signature Growth Hack Ads services as an alternative to “Like Buying” –

What it is, is a legitimate Facebook Ad that can populate ANY Business or Public Figure Facebook Page with 1000+ interest targeted likes in just 48 hours for a low ad spend amount.

the likes acquired from this ad are `100% legit meaning that they have liked and followed the page based on genuine interest in the content and are NOT bots, fake profiles or people being incentivized to be there.

– when you Growth Hack your page the audience we target are people who are likely to be interested in the content posted on the page because they already follow other similar page content 

– if you post on the topic to what your Growth Hack ad promises you will get REAL ENGAGEMENT and interaction on your Facebook page.

– if you post content such as blogs, videos, music, memes, and other enjoyable materials you WILL get traffic, comments, likes and even shares of your posts.

As of 2018, I have now Growth Hacked over 500+ Facebook Pages using this strategy and here is what some of my clients had to say about this services.


Here is how it works.

>> Each ad is created custom unique for the page that it is advertising.

>> The ad creation process takes about 40 minutes 1:1 on Facebook messenger

>> Included in the price of the ad is creative ( design ), copy ( what the ad says ), targeting ( who the ad is shown to ) and set up ( hands off, I will put it in your ads manager ) –

Here is why it works:

Creative – these ads are designed to STAND OUT in the sea of white that is Facebook. The images we choose and the vibrant design of the ad helps to increase the number of people who notice it. 

Copy– what your ad says REALLY matters these ads have a clear call to action, encouraging people to LIKE THE PAGE and promoting the content that they can look forward to seeing if they follow and engage with the page.

Placement– where on Facebook this ad shows up is also part of the secret sauce. This ad runs in ONE high-converting location that will allow you to get page likes fast.

Targeting – the strategy behind choosing the ad audience is really the big determining factor of how successful this ad will be. We use an intuitive interest audience meaning, target people who like similar pages as your page. 


Enough with Chit-Chat Show Me The Ads!



When I say that this Growth Hack Ad can grow ANY page I literally mean ANY Facebook Page. The strategy for growing the page is the same but each ad is 100% unique and designed specifically with that page’s ideal target audience in mind.

That said. Growth Hack Ad clients tend to be.

– Content Creators: Bloggers, Podcasters, Video / Facebook Live Broadcasters

– Artists & Musicians

– Coaches ( all niches )

– Etsy or Shopify Store Owners 

– Other E-commerce

– Online Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

– Any business with a Facebook Page they want to grow.

The objective of the ad is to grow an active audience on the page and find people who engage with the page content.

The most successful people tend to post content that is on the topic of what their ad promises!

Yes, people do find new fans and customers from their page audience. However, page likes are not “leads” you always still have to do the work to sell to your page followers.

–> By work we mean posting great content and running other types of Facebook Ads when you want to sell!!!




Who Do We Help?

We work with new, small and medium-sized businesses who see huge potential with Facebook Ads but who cannot afford agency retainers. By offering high-quality Facebook & Instagram ad services: creative, design, copywriting, set up, targeting and budget consult INCLUDED, we are able to help our clients SAVE MONEY and GET RESULTS with Facebook Ads at an affordable price.

Because there is no contract. No retainer fee. And no additional costs for designing and running the ads, our clients are able to hand off the task of creating and running ads, to an experienced ad strategist ( available on demand ) drastically increasing the success rate of their ads and taking their ad spend dollars further than they would of doing their own ads.

Get A Facebook Ad
Created For Your Business

Our process is quick and painless, all ads are done via Facebook Messenger you just provide the info we do everything else!
All of our ads are created custom and unique for your business, to help you achieve your goals.
In just a short 40 minute session we can get all of the info we need from you to create your ad.
While your ad runs we will monitor it for CPC and inform you if any changes are made.


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