How Much Do Facebook Page Likes Even Matter?

Question: Do people even really care if my Facebook Page has “Likes” or not? Okay so with Facebook’s latest announcement that they would be giving even less organic reach to Facebook Pages ( it was already down to 2% unpaid ) there are a lot of people asking the question, does having a Facebook Page even matter anymore? In addition to the skepticism about whether or not even having a Facebook Page is worth the trouble, there are also tons of people who are also wondering if all of the time they have spent accumulating Likes for their Facebook Business Page was even worth the effort. Clearly, Facebook doesn’t even care that you have a popular page – who else is going to care? Was it all a waste of time? Is there really any point in working to increase your page like numbers anymore?

To all of this – I say both yes… and well frankly no because it isn’t simply a cut and dry situation:

The truth of the matter is, that Facebook’s love for their own ‘Facebook Pages’ has been long lost. It was over three years ago now ( 2015 ) Facebook announced that they would be tightening the reigns on page posted content. Organic reach: how far your Facebook Page posts go – was decreased to a staggering 2%. They also REALLY started to push the paid boost function and encouraged people who wanted to market on the platform to utilize the ads manager to do so.

At the time a lot of people who had been getting reach on their content without paid promotion were very upset. They complained even then that Facebook did not care about businesses and that “Facebook Marketing” was dead.

What these people failed to realize is that Facebook itself is a business – and their loyalty is to their userbase, not to the people who advertised on their platform for free all those years.
The goal of Facebook is to keep people on Facebook. They do this, to appease their real customers – advertisers who actually have a budget for the ad space that Facebook provides.

To put it bluntly: Businesses with no budget for advertising, simply don’t matter to Facebook.

And this is actually easy to understand if you look at it from dear Facebook’s perspective.

Non-paying ‘marketers’ more often than not use spammy tactics to get attention for their business on the platform.
These ‘spammy’ posts clutter up user’s feeds and at one point were making people leave the platform in droves.

In response, Facebook adopted a strong “if it is an ad, make it an ad” policy. They stopped giving any organic reach to people who were marketing on Facebook and not paying them ( Facebook ) to do so.
They also adjusted their algorithm to show people higher quality content ( quality being indicated by the number of engagements a post received ) and more of the things that were being posted by their friends and family. To this day, quality content that gets a lot of engagement is rewarded with reach. Low-quality content is sanctioned and limited in reach. Most people who market from pages, simply post what would be perceived as ‘low-quality content’ and do not nurture engagement. Therefore, Facebook limits their reach and prompts them to create ads and utilize the boosts.

Long story short, what Facebook has now re-emphasized in 2018 is that there is no “Free-loading” in Facebook land.
Facebook Ad space has a value, and Facebook wants you to pay for that space.
And why should they? After all, they are the ones who have the userbase.
Not to mention the Facebook Advertising features and targeting options could very well be some of the best in the world. If you know what you are doing the ads manager allows you to connect with people all over the world who will be interested in your services and products.

The problem is that many people don’t take the time to learn and understand the ins and outs of Facebook Marketing to utilize the tools given effectively.


So what about Page Likes do they still matter? From the standpoint of “social proof” and credibility, the number of Likes that a Facebook Page has still may matter! This is only because people on Facebook still give credit to pages that have more likes. A reality of the social media world is that “popular content tends to become more popular” and having a Facebook Page that is well populated may help you convince someone that your product or service is worth trying. When they visit your Facebook Page and see that nice healthy ‘Like’ count and engagement on your page posts – they may feel that your business is more legitimate, credible, and trustworthy – because it appears that a lot of people have indicated an interest in it.

I know it may sound like such a small thing, but whether or not a business has a strong social presence does appear to matter to modern generations.
And because a lot of people use social media to do their research and make buying decisions having ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Page and engagement on your Facebook Posts – is still likely to help you find customers for your business.

However, as far as whether or not that ‘Like’ count helps you get more reach for your page posted content on Facebook – will probably not. Not since the January 18th announcement about even further limiting page reach to people on Facebook ( apparently whether the like your page or not ). Now, not only do you need to get Likes on your page, you probably should also be asking your audience to ‘follow’ your page if they want to see your content first on their timeline. You also be prepared to utilize the boost function more – and start developing your targeting strategy to connect for both your existing page audience as well as new audiences on Facebook.


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