Grow Your Facebook Page Like Numbers

Ad Objective:

This is a custom Facebook Ad made for your business that will grow ANY Facebook Page 1000+ likes in just two days.

How it works:

1. Purchase this service, book a date and time to do your ad.
2. Make us an admin on your Facebook Page so that we can create the ad for you!
3. Attend your appointment – it just takes 40 minutes. Together we come up with your Facebook Ad.
– Respond to a few questions.
– See the proposed ad copy & design
– Discuss the target audience
4. Once your ad is approved by you it will run for 2 days and your results will be achieved.
5. We will report back to you your results
6. Leave a review of our services to receive a $10 off promo code for future ads

Why Growth Hack Your Facebook Page?

Getting a good number of Facebook Page likes can be a chore and a half. And if the likes you get are just “courtesy” likes from your friends and family they will not benefit you much. This as allows anyone to grow their page like count to a nice large healthy number in a very short amount of time for a very low cost.

Additionally “The Growth Hack Ad” is not just getting you any old likes on your page. All of your new page audience members will be targeted by interests. Meaning, that they “like” similar page content as what you post on your page. This means that not only will you have a large number of likes for bragging rights. You will also have people on your page who will engage with your posted content.

What is included?

For $75 dollars here is what you get:

– 40 minutes via Facebook messenger with a Facebook Ad strategist to discuss your ad
– Copy ( what the ad says ) written for you
– Creative ( what the ad looks like ) done for you
– Target audience set up and selected for you
– *NEW* Ad spend is now included in the cost of your growth hack ad!!! ( We will pay what it takes to get you your 1000+ likes )

How to buy

Click –  BUY NOW – and purchase your ad!
You will be re-directed to our calendar page where you can book your appointment
Immediately after purchasing our – Booking Info sheet – will auto-download.
Within 24 hours receive an email from your ad strategist confirming your appointment!