Are You just getting started advertising your business on Facebook?
Avoid these 3 common n00b mistakes

Facebook Ads On Demand.

Stop dabbling, Start Strategizing.

If you have a Facebook Page for your business then chances are you have at least played around with some of the advertising features that go along with it.

And, if you have – then you may also be someone who has struggled to get any real results advertising on Facebook.

  You may even believe, that Facebook Ads are just a money grab NOT a money maker.

 I am here to tell you that THIS is absolutely not true.

Facebook ads are actually an incredibly powerful marketing tool when you have a strategy.

Unfortunately, for startups and small business owners who are used to tackling all their marketing solo – figuring out how to be strategic about Facebook Ads

( let alone navigate ads manager and come up with the ad creative to test…) can be a costly endeavor.

However, hiring an agency to develop and manage their Facebook Page simply is not an option for many.

This is why I started offering Facebook Ads On Demand Services.

Rather than locking business owners into longterm contracts as a full-service marketing agency, I started renting my brain out, as a Facebook Ad Strategist and allowing business owners to enlist my help with their ads on an “as needed basis”


Each Ad Service That I Offer Includes:


+ Creative

+ Copy

+ Targeting

+ Set-up ( hands off )

+ Results reporting

+ Monitoring ( for the extent of the ad )

+ Budget Consulting

Each ad is created custom and unique for your business and take around 30 – 70 minutes to create via Facebook Messenger.

Ads are normally finished and approved during a single booked session.

By providing a Facebook Ad Strategy services “on demand” and as needed, ( no retainer or consultation free )  I am able to help new, small and mid-sized business owners save money and improve the results that they get when they run their Facebook Ads.

Why My Ads Work:

Each ad that I do is custom and unique. I choose bright vibrant images to help you stand out in the sea of white that is Facebook.

What your ad says really matters! I include fresh, irresistible copy on all of my ads that will inspire your audience to take action.

Choosing who to show your ad to is one of the most important parts of the ad development process. I use intuitive ad targeting strategies to help you identify the right audience for your ad.

Where your ad shows up on Facebook is also going to make a difference. Different types of ads perform better in different placement locations. I help you save money by making sure we are only putting your ad in the locations where it will convert.

Why Work With Me?


 – Hands off Facebook Ad Creation and management!

– 40 Minutes via Messenger is all it takes!

– Copy, Creative, Targeting, and Set Up

– Advice and assistance with your Facebook Ads from an experienced marketing strategist

Easy process, real results!

Have you been dabbling

IN Facebook Advertising

and failing miserably?

I don’t want to brag or anything
will save you money!