Facebook and Instagram Ad Help For New, Small, and Mid-Sized Businesses

Stop Dabbling. Start Strategizing.


With custom Facebook Ad Strategies that help you achieve your goals!

Who are we?

We are Growth Hack Ads an on-demand Facebook ( and Instagram ) advertising service that helps, new, small and mid-sized businesses get better results from Facebook Ads without a contract or a retainer.

How does it work?

Our service is “on demand” meaning we’re available when you need us to provide high-quality Facebook Ads for your business right away. We help you come up with the creative, copy and target audience for your ads based on your marketing goals. PLUS we load your ads up into your ads manager for you, so that you can have them for future use.

Why we do what we do?

Finding affordable Facebook Ad help is a common struggle for smaller businesses who do not have the budget to pay to pay agency prices ( and ) who do not wish to commit to long-term contracts. They instead, go the route of D.I.Y – trying to figure out Facebook and Instagram ads on their own without assistance, which can lead to costly mistakes and few tangible results.
What we offer is an alternative solution to doing your own Facebook Ads. Providing high quality, properly strategized Facebook Ads, without locking you into a long-term contract or having to be paid a retainer.

Our process!

Working with us is SUPER EASY all you have to do is choose what type of ad you want us to create and then book yourself in for an ad appointment. Need multiple ads? Book yourself a consultation with our strategist and within 24 hours of having your consultation receive an ad strategy proposal that takes into account.

– Your goals ( what you want to achieve )
– Your budget ( what you can afford )
– The most appropriate way to sell your products and services using social media ads
– PLUS some creative suggestions for ads that we would create for you in order to help you achieve your advertising goals.

Who do we work with?

Our Facebook Ads “on-demand” services are most suited for:

– Online businesses: course creators, coaches, Etsy, drop-shippers and funnel marketers

– Small local businesses: service industry, restaurants, real estate, car dealerships, hair salons, etc.

– Content creators & artists: musicians, YouTubers, bloggers,

How do we operate?

We are an online “virtual” service, that is on-demand when you need it

That said, we still keep things personal!
You WILL speak to a real person, in real time!
We’re available to respond to your questions!
We take care when we create the ads!
We also have a full transparency policy; reporting back to you “clear” easy to understand ( jargon-free ) results.

What is the investment aren’t Facebook Ads Strategies Expensive? How much our service costs are dependent on the type of ad that we are creating and what the budget is for that ad! We work with your budget and keep our Ads affordable for the types of businesses that we work with! We’re unique because we do not lock you into a contract or charge you a monthly retainer.

PSST. BTW we now offer FREE funnel feedback for any of our clients >> Get the deets <<<

The benefits of choosing us?

Each ad is created custom and unique for your business!
No two ads are alike, each ad we create is written and designed uniquely for you with a strategy ( placement and target audience ) perfectly chosen for your business.

Easy – “On Demand” Service
No messing around trying to figure out Facebook Ads on your own. We handle the creative and the technical. You just need to tell us what you are hoping to achieve.

Expert Assistance
We know the Facebook Ads manager in and out. We can advise you what is technically possible and what is the best way to help you achieve your business goals.

FREE Funnel Feedback
Have a funnel that you are ready to launch or are you thinking about creating a funnel and what to know how Facebook Ads could compliment it. Let us provide you with FREE funnel feedback! We can provide you with a second set of eyes on your marketing funnel before or after it has been created, with advice on how Facebook Ads could potentially come into play.

Our Ads are Attractive and Fun!
We LOVE social media and we know what flies! Our ads are unique, fun, vibrant and creative. We pride ourselves in bringing an unmatched level of passion and energy to the table. Our goal is to create inviting ads that people ACTUALLY want to engage with, not boring ads that people go out of their way to avoid.

Getting Started:

If this all sounds AWESOME and you want to work with us here is how you can get started.

1. Click here. Choose what type of ad you want to create.
2. Purchase your ad: you will be immediately prompted to book with us!
3. Attend your ad appointment via Facebook Messenger ( it just takes 40 minutes to create the ad )
4. Within 24 hours your ad will be up and running.
5. We monitor and make adjustments to your ad. Report back to your results and inform you if we make any changes.

Not sure what you need?
Are you still uncertain about whether or not Growth Hack Ad services are right for you?

Grab our Free Guide >> 5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes and What to do Instead <<
Speak to a strategist >> Start a real-time messenger conversation <<

What Our Clients Say About Us! [ Testimonials ]

This girl delivers exactly what she says she will. Cannot wait to work on my next campaign with her. If you are stuck with direction and know you need changes she will deliver, if it works for me it will for you. Thank you so much! ~ Will R. Stevenson

“My FB page received an absolutely astounding amount of new likes and traffic from the two-day promotion put together by Brandie. ( Growth Hack Ads ) I’m impressed, VERY good job lady, it was a pleasure to work with you!” ~ Xaria Knight

“Growth Hack Ads is AMAZING! Brandie is such an effing FB and IG maven! Work with her…work with her NOW! You’ll see immediate results that will blow your mind and go beyond what you thought possible!” ~ Eyenie Schultz

“Best business investment I’ve ever made! The impact of her work not only boosted our immediate profile and sales, but her teaching me and guiding me has changed the entire course of my business, going from slow growth to an exponential growth in a month. Over 2000 likes, over $100k in added sales related directly back to our Facebook presence, and a huge sense of pride and renewed excitement in my business. Can’t say thank you enough!”~ Lyle Woodward

“In just 48 hours, Growth Hack Ads was able to help grow both of my business pages to over 2,000 likes from a mere 150 and 104 that took me months to build! I am truly amazed by her skills and expertise! She was thoughtful in creating my ads and easy to contact and work with. I’m excited to see how my organic growth has increased from Growth Hack Ads helping to grow my audience. I highly recommend working with them”~Jenna Bowles

“I seriously can’t explain how stoked I am to see results with my art. Just needed the right audience and she ( Brandie ) found it! Thank you for helping me get over 3k followers in 2 days”~Jessica Auna Angelo

“Because of Brandie’s FB growth hack ads, FB page makeover service, FB page sales funnel products and her 1:1 marketing consulting, my Facebook game has done a 180 for the better!

[Read More reviews…]

Our Passions!
(Why we do what we do, what makes us tick!)

>> Love for all things social media!

We geek out over social media! Not just because of the potential that they have for marketing services and products but also because of how they bring people to together and allow them to connect. For this reason, we strive to create ads that are welcome on the platform and that your audience will truly enjoy interacting with.

>> Online Business Success

We’re entrepreneurs just like you! We love to help other people achieve their goals through great marketing strategies. The potential that exists to grow your business using social media is INCREDIBLE. We help aspirational entrepreneurs get a grasp on social media marketing and use it to successfully build their business.

>> Stop dabbling. Start strategizing!

There is an epidemic of social media marketing “dabblers” who are DIYing because they BELIEVE that they have no other choice. Cut that out! We are here to support you with your Facebook Ads, save you money. Get your results. And we don’t lock you into a contract or a retainer because WE KNOW that in the end, you’ll be back for more.

+ We know the Facebook Ads manager inside and out.
+We’ve taken the Ads training directly from Facebook!
+We have over 6 years of experience! 

+We’ve created hundreds of successful Facebook Ads!
+We have template strategies that we can apply consistent results.

PLUS – when you work with us, we take care of monitoring and adjusting your ads for the length of time that they are running. Meaning you can do what you do best, and we will do what we do best.

I want that!

Are you curious about what we can do for you?
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