Facebook Page Makeover Service

Facebook pages are NOT DEAD, you just need to know how to use yours. We are Facebook Page whisperers providing custom Facebook Page strategies for any business who wants to put their Facebook Page to good use and start generating a crazy amount of leads and sales from it.

This service is back and better than ever ( by popular demand ) let us give your business Facebook Page a Facelift so that it can live it’s best life as the powerful business marketing tool that it was always meant to be!

NOTE: This is not just about what your Facebook Page LOOKS LIKE – although we make it look pretty good.
We help you strategize on your content plan, ad strategy, and how you use your approach to Facebook marketing!

Here is how it works.

1. Purchase this service…
2. Book a date and time for your page strategy consultation via ZOOM conference
3. Show up for your consultation
4. Discuss your marketing goals and possibilities with your Facebook Page
5. 24 hours later receive a strategy proposal: here is how we are going to “makeover” your page!
6. Approve your our proposal or send us back to the drawing board
7. Once page strategy is confirmed your page will be unpublished temporarily and made over
8. You will be informed of the changes that have been made and asked for any revisions
9. Once revisions are confirmed ( and changes made if needed ) your page will be republished
10. You will get instructions on how to post on your page PLUS a possible ad strategy to put your page to work!


These pages turn our awesome!

Check out some examples: