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Yes, You can GROW YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE 1000+ Interest Targeted Facebook Likes Practically overnight

My signature Growth Hack Ad can grow ANY Facebook Page 1000+ likes for just $20 ad spend GUARANTEED.

The reason why my ads work is that of a unique combination of creative, copy, targeting and placement ( where the ad shows up on Facebook ) – These “likes” are genuine English speaking Facebook users who follow similar pages as yours on Facebook.

Although, I cannot emphasize enough that “page likes” are not hot ready to buy leads, having more likes on your Facebook Page can help you grow your business and should be considered part of a more extensive and long-term Facebook Marketing Strategy.

what are you waiting for?

You could have 1000 new Facebook Page Likes before tomorrow if you act fast!

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Our Facebook Page Like growth strategy is not “Like Buying”.

If you are marketing a real business online using Facebook Like Buying is something that you are going to want to avoid. Here is why:

When you purchase likes for your Facebook Page you are not getting an interest targeted audience.

Instead, you are getting likes from people who are participating in “like exchanges” or who are being paid to like your page.

Yes, your page like numbers may go up. But the chances of these people ever interacting with the content that you post is very unlikely. In fact, the accounts that “like” your page may not even be real.

As an alternative, you can purchase one of our “Growth Hack Ads” that will populate ANY Facebook Page with 1000 or more genuine Facebook Page Likes for less than a $20 dollar ad spend.

Each of our ads is created custom and unique for YOUR BUSINESS! 

Meaning, no two ads that we create for our customers are the same.

The likes generated for your page are legitimate Facebook Users who follow similar page content as yours. They will ( and do ) engage with your page posts because the content you are posting is of interest to them!

Why Growth Hack Your Facebook Page?

Increase “like count” practically overnight – No more messing around with slow organic page growth! You can very quickly increase the visibility ( and Facebook Street Cred ) of your page by growth hacking it. It is no secret that people tend to “like” popular pages so if you run ads or promote your Facebook Page, you can make it look better to your audience hence, gaining even more “likes”

Improve engagement and interaction on your page! A lot of people have “dead” Facebook pages with no interaction or engagement. Our Growth Hack Ad installs a bunch of new, active users who are targeted by interest on the page. This also helps to get you back in the good graces of the algorithm so that your posts reach more people.

Sell! Although your page likes are not a “warm hot ready to buy audience” they are people who are genuinely interested in the content that you post. For this reason, if you implement a larger Facebook marketing strategy you can potentially sell to them. The Growth Hack Ad is a great foundation for a more elaborate Facebook campaign because it allows you to start using your Facebook Page to attract customers who are targeted by interest ( similar pages ) quickly.

How Does It All work?

Step #1 – Contact me on Facebook to book a Growth Hack Ad for your page! Set a date and time to do your ad. Each ad is custom created so it requires about 30 minutes of your time via Facebook Messenger to create.

Step #2 – Show up for your Ad Appointment and follow our step by step process. It is like an interview, all you need to do is respond to the questions.

Step #3 – An ad concept creative + copy will be pitched to you. You can approve it or ask for changes. We just work together to create the perfect ad that will appeal to your target demographic!

Step #4 – We have a conversation about targeting “who will see this ad” – create a custom target audience that is likely to interact with the ad that we just created.

Step #5 – Your ad gets set up and runs for 2 days – for $20 ad spend ( you pay to Facebook ) and the results will start immediately!

Step #6 – During the period of time that your ad is running we will monitor it for ( CPC ) and make adjustments if we believe that conversion can be increased. You will be informed of any changes.

Step #7 – Voila, you just growth hacked your page! Wasn’t that easy?



What They Say About My Growth Hack Ads

Who Do We Help?

We work with new, small and medium-sized businesses who see huge potential with Facebook Ads but who cannot afford agency retainers. By offering high-quality Facebook & Instagram ad services: creative, design, copywriting, set up, targeting and budget consult INCLUDED, we are able to help our clients SAVE MONEY and GET RESULTS with Facebook Ads at an affordable price.

Because there is no contract. No retainer fee. And no additional costs for designing and running the ads, our clients are able to hand off the task of creating and running ads, to an experienced ad strategist ( available on demand ) drastically increasing the success rate of their ads and taking their ad spend dollars further than they would of doing their own ads.

Get A Facebook Ad
Created For Your Business

Our process is quick and painless, all ads are done via Facebook Messenger you just provide the info we do everything else!
All of our ads are created custom and unique for your business, to help you achieve your goals.
In just a short 40 minute session we can get all of the info we need from you to create your ad.
While your ad runs we will monitor it for CPC and inform you if any changes are made.



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