How can you get a large number of likes on your Facebook page? When you see the results that our Growth Hack Ads garner, you may be initially surprised by how high they convert. No, it is not some magic or witchcraft, the Likes that the Growth Hack Ads can get are 100% legitimate and have been accumulated by honest means on the Facebook Platform.

In a previous blog I explained the difference between Facebook Page Growth Hacking and simply purchasing Likes for your Facebook Page ( not recommended btw ) – I also went into depth about why someone would want to Growth Hack Their Facebook Page and how doing this could actually be of benefit to them and their business both short and long-term. The objective of the Growth Hack Ad primarily is to build up the number of Likes on a Facebook Page. It acts as sort of a starting point for a greater Facebook Marketing Strategy. My goal is not to mislead anyone or make false promises. Facebook Page Likes are not warm leads for your business.

That said, a day doesn’t go by where someone doesn’t ask me “how are you doing it?” or “how does this crazy Like growing strategy actually work?” as if there is some divine secret behind generating a large number of Likes on a Facebook Page. What I say to them is that it is a secret sauce, a combination of:

Copy & Creative 

For the most part, I don’t mind being transparent about how this Growth Hacks work. Each ad is created and designed uniquely for each different person whom I work with. They are created to promote the content that is posted on the page, not the business itself. What I like to say is “the less ad like the better” as people tend to not follow pages that they think are going to just try to sell to them. We also develop the targeting for the ad based on some questions that I ask during the ad development process. The goal is always to get the best possible targets for the ad without making it too niche’ or specific that we cannot generate the desired number of page Likes.

Whenever someone approaches me for a Growth Hack Ad, I also like to verify that they understand the difference between page Likes and leads for their business. It is really important to me that my clients are aware that there is a lot more to Facebook Marketing than just getting a bunch of likes on your Facebook Business Page!

However, that said the benefits of having these fresh Likes populating your page are easy to list: increased Facebook street cred, boost in engagement, brings a dead Facebook page back to life with new activity and allows you to potentially generate new interest in your business.

Creating your Growth Hack Ad
As for the actual process of creating the Growth Hack Ad for your Facebook Page the process that I use is fairly simple.

1. You purchase your ad from me via Facebook Messenger or right here on the Growth Hack Ads Website. We set a date and time to work together to do the ad. I currently do all of my ads via Facebook Messenger.
2. On the date of your appointment, you add me on to the Facebook Page that we are working on and onto your Ads Manager account so that I can set up the ad for you
3. Then we discuss the content that you post on your page, the nature of your business and what you are currently doing to promote yourself on Facebook
4. I use a series of questions to get information from you that will help me come up with ideas for your ad as well as the targeting
5. I also send you some examples of previous Facebook Ads that I have created so that you know where we need to end up
6. Then I pitch to you some possible concepts for your Facebook Ad and we work together to create an ad that you are happy with
7. Once the ad is agreed upon, I go ahead and set it up for you and send you a screenshot so that you can see what it will look like when running
8. Your ad runs for two days and voila! The results typically roll in –
9. If changes need to be made to your ad, I let you know and then we relaunch it – although this is not usually the case –

The entire process of doing a Growth Hack Ad for A Facebook Business Page takes up to 30 to 40 minutes per person. The results of the ads may vary based on the targeting strategy that we decide to use and how many people are interested in the content on your Facebook Page. In general, the ads get over 1000+ Likes no problem with a rather low ad spend.

If you have been trying to get more Likes on your Facebook Page and are frustrated by how long it can take to generate a substantially large like count organically, then this Growth Hack may be just the thing that you need. Most people who have had their Facebook Page Growth Hacked by me, using this approach were ultimately happy with the results and said that the ad did exactly what it was supposed to do: increase the number of Likes on their page in a more legitimate fashion than purchasing non interest targeted Likes from any random source. They also found that there average post engage increased, when they posted content that related to the ad and that overall the Growth Hack was beneficial to their overall Facebook marketing strategy.