Facebook Just Announced Some Big Changes To Facebook Pages!

Are starting to wonder what the point of having your business on Facebook even is? In January of 2018 Facebook released a statement to the public, that made it abundantly clear that they had no intention of giving free rides to businesses who market on their platform but who do not pay them for ads.

Facebook Page Update 2018

Quite a few people were upset about this, reactions were along these lines:

“What, but I post on Facebook every day!?”
“It took me years to build my page up!”
“Facebook is just a greedy platform all they want is more money!”

The most extreme reactions tended to come from those with small businesses who had been utilizing Facebook for marketing quite moderately and weren’t familiar with the platforms already rather strict algorithm. You see, although it has been awhile since Facebook has publically brought it up, they have actually been limiting Facebook Page post reach, quite a bit for a few years now. Although the percentage has not been officially confirmed by Facebook, most strategists say that Facebook Page post reach has been cut down to less than 2%. To put that in perspective, if your page has 1000 ‘Likes’ only about 20 people initially see what you post.
The only favor that the algorithm does for you, is that it shows your post initially to the people in your collected audience who are most likely to engage. If they bite you earn more organic reach if they don’t bite then the platform ( often ) prompts you to boost the post.

The way to play ball with the algorithm is to post high quality, engagement nurturing content. Posts that received likes, shares and comments were rewarded with more ‘FREE’ reach. Posts that did not get engagement, were stopped in their tracks.

If hearing about this is surprising to you, it shouldn’t be – Facebook has been doing this to Page Posted content since 2014.

However, the BIG difference between what has been happening and what will be happening now appears to be this: Facebook is prepared, to tell the truth about it!

If you read between the lines what Facebook is REALLY saying is this: no more Free rides for anyone! We are taking back our platform. We are listening to our users.

You see, the reality is that marketers who try to promote themselves on Facebook without paying to tend to use invasive and spammy tactics to do so.
These tactics annoy Facebook’s users and make them spend less time browsing their social media feeds.
The fewer eyeballs browsing Facebook, the less value the platform has to the people who actually spend their money on Facebook advertising.
Obviously, if Facebook wants to stay in business because it is a business they have to do whatever they can to keep the two people that actually matter happy; their Facebook users and their Facebook advertisers.

The ‘freeloading’ marketers really just clutter things up and make things messy for everyone.
And when you start to look at it from this angle, you can probably see why Facebook really has no problem saying “boo-to-you” to the people who simply refuse to “pay to play” on social media.

So what is one to do?

Before you throw in the towel and declare that Facebook is just simply not worth the time and effort to deal with anymore, it is important that first, you take into consideration the value that the platform actually provides for anyone who has a business.

Facebook gives you a huge international audience of potential customers and an abundant database of information, categorizing millions of people by interest.

When you put your ‘marketing’ cap on, this means that even still Facebook Marketing is a literal gold mine for anyone who understands both what their service and product are ( and does ) and who, demographic wise it is perfectly suited for!

Business marketing success on Facebook is truly about; creating a product with a specific demographic audience in mind and designing a targeting strategy ( powered by a fair budget ) to put that product directly in front of the people who it is perfectly designed for.

Let me repeat; product, service, and offering design paired with spot-on demographic targeting.

This is how you get ahead in Facebook land!

I do feel that Facebook publically putting their foot down does have some consequences for marketers and will leave a very select few with hurt feelings for a long time. However, it has been a long time since I personally heard any type of Facebook Marketing success story that did not include the utilization of the paid advertising features on the platform.

This is sorta a get in, or get out moment for anyone who is serious about building a real business on the platform.
There is simply no room left for people who are dragging themselves in the dirt, hanging halfway out the car door.
It is time to learn to drive!

On a more grander scale, I also think that this is a pivotal turning point in social media marketing as we know it.
Social media marketing has always sorta been a gorilla warfare situation – with plenty of room to growth hack, break the rules, change the game.

That is until, the platform’s operators get wise to it and come flying in with their powerful algorithms, meant to weed that shit out.
And no – they aren’t being mean to us when they do this – they are just laying down some structure and ground rules; mostly meant to cut out the garbage.

Because let’s be honest most amateur marketing strategies lean that way – spammy, link-dropping, self-promotional, and lacking in value.

Not all – but MOST – it is painfully true, that most people who are trying to do social media marketing on the ‘cheap’ also have no desire to put much effort into it either.

So, that’s where Facebook is on the right track.

As always, I believe that at the end of the day the goal of any social media platform is to make the experience on the platform better not worse for the people whom they serve. I simply cannot side with the camp who is saying ‘Facebook’s being mean’ they’re not. You’re being nieve.

If you REALLY want to build a real business on Facebook and generate leads and sales, then take the platform seriously and use it properly!

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