A step by step guide to help you increase the number of ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Page for free! Another question that I often get asked is if there is a way to increase the number of Likes on a Facebook Business Page without having to create any type of ad or buy the Likes online.

First of all, I never recommend buying Facebook Likes to populate your business page! In fact, doing so is almost guaranteed to do more harm than good to your Facebook Page. Not to self-promote – okay, I am going to self-promote – but my Facebook Growth Hack Ads can safely populate any Facebook Page with over 1000+ legitimate ( interest targeted Likes ) in a very short amount of time for a very reasonable cost. If you are impatient and frustrated with how long it takes to get Likes on your Facebook page organically then this may be a solution for you.

That said, you don’t need a Growth Hack Ad to get Likes on your Facebook Page. You can do it organically over time by following the strategy that I am going to outline below. Keep in mind that growing your Facebook Page “the old fashion way” is not going to happen overnight. If you want to have a lot of people who authentically ‘Like’ your page, then you are going to have to make a legitimate effort to get them there.

How to get Likes on your Facebook Page right after you create it. Okay, so for the sake of this step by step: How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page Guide – we are going to pretend that you just created the Facebook Page that you want to get Likes on. However, all of these tricks and strategies will work even if you have had your Facebook Page for a long time.

Step One: Invite Your Entire Friends List to Like Your Page
Since this tends to be what everyone does “anyways” when they first create a new Facebook Page, I thought I better include it here.
After you create a new Facebook Page you can easily invite people on your Facebook Friend List to Like it manually by sending invites directly from the page.
If you have a lot of friends and you find manually sending Facebook page invites to them to be tedious you can also use a chrome extension to send the invites to your entire list for you.
The Chrome extension that I use to do this is called “Invite All Friends On Facebook”

Essentially what this Chrome Browser Extension will do is exactly that: invite all of your Facebook Friends to like your Facebook Page in one quick sweep. It is technically a bot that takes over the task of manually inviting people to Like your page for you. It does so at a slow pace so that you do not get flagged by Facebook for going too fast. I have used it before and have not had any issues but like with any non-paid free extension or app, I would proceed with caution.

As for whether or not it is a good idea to invite everyone on your friend list to like your business page well that could be debated. On one hand, if you are planning to post content that you believe the people on your friend’s list will be interested in and want them to support you by liking your page, then, by all means, go for it. However, consider also that a Facebook Page solely Liked by your real-life friends and family may not be that useful for marketing your business from. Most of your friends and family ( unless you use Facebook for networking ) already know what you are doing for business and they may just Like your page to be polite. Additionally, consider the fact that some people get annoyed when they get too many requests to ‘Like Pages’ ‘Join Groups’ or ‘Attend Events’ – If you are okay with having people on your friend list slightly annoyed with you then ‘go for it!’ there is no harm in just letting them know that your Facebook Page exists.

Step Two: Share Your Page with Relevant Groups

The next thing that you can do to increase your Facebook Like numbers without paying is by sharing your Facebook Page in Facebook Groups that are relevant and on-topic to what you do or sell. However, tact is everything when you go about doing this.

Nobody likes it when somebody just joins a group out of the blue and drops a link to their page. Instead, search for groups on Facebook that are on-topic to the content of your page and what you will be posting there. Introduce yourself to the group and let people know who you are and why you have joined. Then tag your page and ask if they would like to go and check it out.

It is also important that you read the group rules before randomly just dropping a link to your Facebook Page into the group. Take the time to see how other people are behaving in the group and if it is a place where you will be welcome to share your page posted content.

Many Facebook Groups also have a ‘Like for Like’ tree or a promotion day where they allow people to share their Facebook Business Pages / Fan Pages into the group.
Exchanging “like for like” may be a way for you to get more likes on your page for free without having to pay for them.
Again, whether or not likes generated by participating in a “like for like” exchange can be debated. Don’t expect the people whom you collect on your page to be an audience who are ready to buy from you or who engage often on your page posted content. However, if the goal is simply to get more Likes on the page. Go for it! No harm will be done!

Step Three: Tag and Mention Your Facebook Page Often!

Okay, so once you have invited your friends and joined a few groups that allow you to share your page – your job here is done… right? Wrong! These are just two of the first primary/beginner steps to growing your Facebook Page and if you are serious about getting your Like count impressibly high ( without an ad ) then the next step is a must do.

Mention your Facebook Page on Facebook often! ( At least once a day )
Tag your page using the “@” so that you can create an active link to your Facebook Page

Sure it seems easy enough, but actually failing to mention that you have a Facebook Page is probably the biggest reason why your Facebook Page doesn’t grow. A good way to do this ( so that it isn’t annoying to the people who see your posts on Facebook ) is to mention what is going on in your business and then tag your page.

How often do you need to do this? Well, since everyone who follows you on Facebook does not see everything you post. In fact, most of your posts are probably only seen by about 7-10% of your Facebook friends, there is no harm in making this something that you do every day or every other day.

Step Four: Ask People To Share You Page And Invite Their Friends To Like It

Granted that the content that you are posting on your Facebook Page is genuinely useful and engaging, then it is likely that other people will be willing to share and promote it for you. However, if all you do is promote your products and services without offering any value to your audience then nobody is going to do this.

This kinda gets into the greater strategy behind Facebook Content Marketing and how you can build an audience on Facebook by posting content for people to enjoy. However, for the sake of brevity here, let’s just put it this way. If people who ‘Like’ your page also ‘Like’ your business, then they will probably be happy to promote it for you if you ask them to nicely.

Contests and special promotions are also a way to do this, however, make sure that you follow Facebook’s Contest Guidelines.

Step Five: Invite People Who Like Your Posts to Like Your Page

Another often missed step, that will help you generate fast Likes on your Facebook page at zero cost is to use the Facebook Page invite feature when people engage with content that has been shared from your page. The way that you do this is a two-step process. Create a post that encourages people to engage with a post Like or a reaction and then you share that post around in places on Facebook where it will be well recieved. When people ‘Like’ the post you can then click on where the post ‘Like’ count is listed and a window will pop up prompting you to invite the post engagers to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page.

If the page post is successful and has many ‘Likes’ then you may also wish to use a Chrome Extension to help you do this.
My preferred extension for this process is called Facebook Page Like Inviter.

Again this is a bot that takes over the process of sending manual invites to like the page. It can be very useful and save you time when you have page posts that are extremely well received and have generated a lot of Likes.

Getting ‘Likes’ On Your Facebook Page it is no easy task!

If you have been struggling to get new ‘Likes’ on your business Facebook Page or stuck at the couple-of-hundred like count for quite some time, these five tips should really help you out. However, the reality is that if you want to consistently get new Likes on your Facebook Page you are going to have to continuously network yourself on Facebook and this can take up a lot of time. At the end of the day if you post good content and are consistent in your efforts you can organically grow your Facebook Page quite a bit. That said, it may take years for you to even break 1000 page and let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is one of the reasons why I developed and created the Growth Hack Ad Strategy.
Because there were so many people that I knew who was looking for a way to simply get more people ‘Liking’ their Facebook Page.
The Growth Hack Strategy essentially does for you in two days what may take someone ( following these steps ) years to achieve!