Facebook Ad Services: All Facebook Ad Prices Now Include Facebook Ad Budget

It is August 1st and I am excited to announce that there will be some big changes to the way we do business around here at Growthhackads.com.

Starting TODAY all Facebook Ad services will include your Facebook Ad Budget. This means that what you on our website as the price of our ad services ALSO includes the ad spend budget.

This is a level of service that “we” here at Growth Hack Ads ( by we, I mean “I” Brandie Peters ) have been working towards since launching this pocket business in November of 2017.
The thing is I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to pay the ad spend on my client’s ads and have the ad be a “one price” services from the get-go. However, since this business was launched from scratch, the risk of paying for everyone’s ads was too high  ( when we originally launched ).

Nobody has ever complained about having to pay for their own Facebook Ad budget, it has prevented us from really expanding or growing at any phenomenal rate.
The thing is our ads WORK! They get awesome results for our people! BUT, we also can only serve people who are already buying Facebook Ads and who have Facebook Ads accounts and who are willing to run the ad for a long enough test period for it to really get traction.

Since most of the people who come to us for ad help are running, new, small and medium-sized businesses. They have lost faith in Facebook Ads ( a lot of ’em ) AND have lost money – doing their own Facebook Ads. It isn’t uncommon for them to pull their ad after only a day or two – This makes it impossible for us ( when working on conversion ads ) to prove or disprove our ad.

It is clear for us now that the problem we really solve for our is providing them with a properly strategized custom Facebook Ad:
Creative copy, ad design, targeting and set-up ALL INCLUDED.
Better ads with a higher chance of success.

All they need to do is chat with us about their business and the objectives that they would like to achieve with their ad.
And then, we create an ad for ’em – using our experience and knowledge with Facebook Ads appropriate ( and likely ) to achieve their goals.

Simply having access to someone who knows the Facebook Ads Manager and what is possible with Facebook Ads ( there are tons of possibilities ) helps the client strategize.
And when you work with us, all you need to do is just say yay, or nay to the creative and copy we pitch – give us insight on your audience and then we set it all up. It is a stress-free process.

Starting today we are now happy to remove ONE MORE stress point for our clients.

By covering their Facebook Ad budget we’re are putting our own skin in the game. And removing the “ad budget” fear factor.
Since we are paying for the ad budget – if the ad is successful ( or not successful ) we run just as much risk as our clients.
Successful ads, we will ask the customer if they would like to continue to run – pitching an additional investment.
Unsuccessful ads we can modify and tweak to get results. Or the loss is on us.
In the end, we hope this allows us to serve more repeat clients
And bring in even more new people who trust us with their ads.

How can we possibly make a profit doing this?

With the now ( 3 ) types of ad, we offer our profit margin will be determined by how successful the ad is.

 Growth Hack Ads will initially run with a budget of $10 a day for 2 days… to achieve 1000+ new audience members.

Conversion ads:

 Email opt-in ( landing page ) ads – will run with $5-$10 a day for 10 days

 Sales / Revenue generating ads will run on a budget that is determined based on the revenue goals

This is an exciting change – and it does eliminate a few headaches behind the scenes.
Such as clients pulling the ads after only 1-2 days…

And having over 100+ ads accounts to look at and manage when we are busy running ads…

( it gets a bit CRAZY at times )

However, the biggest change is we can now alter ads and experiment with different copy and creative, moving the budget around to get AMAZING results! AND assure the ad runs long enough to know if it is worth keeping around or if we need to take it back to the drawing board.

Our clients can truly rest easy knowing we are taking care of everything in regards to their Facebook Ads!

I have a feeling that this will be a pivotal day in our business, as we grow from a little infant baby into a business in throes of puberty!

As for our loyal customers – BTW we have now proudly served over 600+ clients since November!!!

We thank you for trusting us with your ads early even when this business was essentially in Beta mode and I’d hope this is a welcome change to our business model to make you even more excited to be working with us.
In case nobody has told you this recently. You rock.

~ Brandie “Growth Hacker” Peters

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