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Put Your Business Facebook Page to Work With My Signature 3-Ad Funnel Strategy

Are you tired of wrecking your brain trying to figure out what to post on your Facebook Page?

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What if your Facebook Business Page could collect leads for your business EVERY DAY – no sweat?

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Just put your Facebook Page on auto-pilot and go!

>> What!? How is that possible!? <<

Let me tell you about the 3 Ad Facebook Page Funnel Strategy that I use to get INCREDIBLE >>> SELF-QUALIFIED LEADS << for my Facebook Ad customers.

It Just Takes 3 Facebook Ads To Rule ‘Em All…


Ad #1 – Captures your “ideal customers attention”

Think of this ad as your fishing ad! It is going to their attention and allows them to “qualify” themselves, with one simple engagement!
This ad works because it NEVER feels like an ad. Your audience is just getting to know you better.

Ad #2 – Offers them something irresistible OF VALUE …

Grab that Facebook Pixel Data AND grow your email list. This second ad is going to collect your new audience ( it grows every day! ) onto your email list for re-marketing.
USE the traffic and email opt-in profiles to create custom audiences that are HIGHLY QUALIFIED as potential leads. You just let this baby run. You don’t even have to lift a finger.


Ad #3 – Sales Time!!!

Once you have your leads qualified – they engaged with your page post + signed themselves up for your lead magnet / Freebie … NOW you get to sell to them.
Stay top of mind with multiple impressions. Make it easy for them to BOOK. BUY and SHOP.

What do you need to do this strategy?

This page funnel 3 ad strategy can be adapted for nearly any type of business BUT YOU DO need to have certain things ready to go before this funnel can be applied.

1. A business Facebook Page!
2. A ready-to-go opt-in funnel / with a landing page with either

A.) An information product “Freebie” lead magnet
B.) OR an incentive offer – example: FREE Shipping, 25% off etc.

3. At least $9 a day to spend on Facebook Ads – this funnel requires a minimum of $3 per ad to run and is meant to run as an ongoing campaign ( over time minimum 10-15 days, can run evergreen forever for regular ongoing lead capture )

Why does it work?
This strategy works because:
The first ad “doesn’t feel like an ad” captures the attention of new customers
The second ad Offers Value capturing the emails of your page audience for custom audience creation.
The third ad strategically targets everyone on “YOUR LIST” offering them your products and services, with multiple daily impressions – keeping you TOP OF MIND!

In this live training I, will show you a variety of examples and teach you:


  • How to come up with the creative and design for all 3 ads
  • How to set them up in ads manager
  • How to manage your ads:

    + learn how to choose an intuitive high-converting audience “your ideal customers”
    + learn what types of ads “fly” – and how to position your ad so you actually get conversions

I want to learn this!

If you are ready to go –

AND you have access to a desktop computer / Zoom video conferencing on Sept 1 ( at 10 am ) or Sept 21st  ( time to be announced ) then you should book yourself a spot my Virtual Classroom.

What is A Virtual Classroom??

>> Conducted via Zoom Conferencing this is a 2-hour class where I will teach you >>> from start to finish << how to set up this funnel in your ads manager.
1/2 of the class will be dedicated to learning. The 2nd 1/2 to doing some live examples.

>> By the end of this class, you will know how to create and set up YOUR OWN 3 ad Facebook Funnel

>> And you can apply this strategy to as many Facebook Pages as you want. Yes, Social Media Marketing Managers are welcome!

What does it cost!?

The investment for this strategy training is just >>  $45 USD dollars per person. 
Cannot attend live? BUY NOW and get INSTANT ACCESS to the Sept 1st re-play. No problem.

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