This is not Facebook Like Buying It is Facebook Growth Hacking!

What exactly does it mean to Growth Hack your Facebook Page?  A common question that I have been getting asked is, how the Facebook Page Growth Hack that I do – is any different than buying likes for your Facebook Page on a website, such as Fivver. My response to this is pretty much always the same. My Growth Hack Ads are targeted by relevant interests and they work because of how they are written, where they are placed on Facebook as well as the way that they are designed to catch a person’s eye and invite them to take action. Like buying schemes, are typically not targeted by interest and the persons liking the page are doing so because they are part of the scheme and have been incentivized to do so. Personally, I would say that when it comes to building a legitimate audience for your Facebook Page, this is the main key difference. Yes, both approaches will quickly populate your Facebook Page with a large number of page ‘Likes’ however, the Growth Hack Ads that I create for people, and Like buying are very different when you consider the quality of the audience that the page then accumulates.

What you do need to know about the Facebook Growth Hack Ads
Although the audience that your Growth Hack Ad accumulates on your Facebook Page, is certainly more genuine than one acquired through Facebook Page Like Buying, it is still very important for anyone who is thinking of Growth Hacking their Facebook Page to understand what the Growth Hack Ad does, and does not do for you from a business marketing standpoint.

One thing to be emphasized is that it is Facebook Growth Hacking, mean that it is ‘hack” aka. a strategy that will allow you to populate your page with qualified Likes by legitimate means for a cheap price. It does not mean that all of the people who have now liked your Facebook Page are prepared to buy from you, or will ever even engage with your page posted content.

This may come as a disappointment to learn that these are indeed; Facebook Page Likes not qualified leads for your business. However, there are still benefits to having a decent number of Likes on your Facebook Page that make the Growth Hack Ad worthwhile for many people.

There are also some things that you can do – in regards to posting content on your Facebook Page to actually make it possible to sell to get engagement from your new page audience as well as potentially sell to them.

The Benefits of Doing The Growth Hack Ad on Your Facebook Page
There are four main benefits to doing a Growth Hack Ad to get more Likes on your business Facebook Business Page

1. ) Increase your Facebook Street Cred
2. ) Get more engagement on your page posted content
3. ) Bring your dead Facebook Page back to life
4. ) Potentially generate sales of your product and services from your Facebook Audience

In another blog post, we have gone through the specifics of each of these benefits and what best practices to follow if you wish to take advantage of these positives to the Growth Hack Ad.
How much you get from the Growth Hack Ad will be determined by how you utilize your Facebook Page going forward and the greater Facebook Marketing Strategy that you employ.

Things to Know About The Growth Hack Ad Before You Buy One
The main thing that anyone who is thinking about Growth Hacking there Facebook Page needs to know is that in order to ‘Like’ your page from this ad, the individual who is liking the page does not even need to actually visit your Facebook Page to do so! These ads run in the suggested page location on Facebook and show up to people who are in the target group that we have set for the ad. In order to generate the best possible page audience for you, we create the ad to promote the content of value that is posted on the Facebook Page being promoted. If the person has an interest in seeing content on that topic on their personal Facebook Feed then that is what provokes them to like the page.

That said, Facebook is really cracking down on how much reach Facebook Page posts are getting these days. Previously, Facebook Page posts without boosts on them reached on 2% of the page’s audience. This means that on a page with 1000 likes the post would be shown, on average to around 20 people. The only way to increase this without paying Facebook for more reach was to get a lot of engagement on the post. The more engagement: Likes, Comments, Shares etc. a Facebook Page post received the more organic reach it would then earn. Recently, Facebook has announced that they will be lowering the organic ( non-paid ) reach of Facebook Pages even further. This means that the number of people who see your page posted content will decrease unless your page posts are very high quality and accumulate a lot of engagement. Or, if you pay Facebook to increase the reach of your post using the boost function.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that interested people won’t be visiting your Facebook Page in order to learn about your business and the services that you provide. For this reason having a page that actually has some action on it, a healthy number of Page Likes and some helpful content is still very important in the context of building a strong online presence for your business.