How to Make Your Facebook Page Look Better and Actually Attract New Leads for Your Business

Facebook Marketing 101: First things first, fix your ugly Facebook Page. Is your Facebook page unattractive?

No, seriously – have you looked at lately and really asked yourself some serious questions:

What kinda of impression does this piece of virtual real estate give off?
How have you utilized this precious space?
Why – if you are spending time posting on and promoting this piece of content have you neglected to actually make it look half decent?

Frankly, when you actually start to think about it, considering the amount of time that you likely are spending coming up with content to post on the damn thing, the fact that you would leave it looking so ramshackle and neglected is hilarious. I mean what if you ACTUALLY succeeded in driving traffic to your page; a genuinely interested party – what then? What happens when they arrive on your page, see your pixelated cover art – your half filled out profile – your underutilized disorganized page tabs, what kind of impression does that give off. And let’s not even get started on the tumbleweeds ( lack of engagement ) rolling through the streets – where there are two interactions on your content posts – yet for some reason you’ve insisted on curating a post and bumping it over – every single day via HootSuite or Buffer. You’ve got not much to speak for in regards to page following or Likes BUT damn, you’ve somehow managed to waste plenty of time TRYING to get people to acknowledge your business’s Facebook presence. It is hilarious when you think about it, and all god damn too real.

Sometimes, back in the day now – someone hammered it home that Facebook was the place to be if you wanted to build a successful business and market it online. A lot of different types of people bought into this and jumped on Facebook, treating their Facebook business page like a personal billboard, posting every day and LITERALLY trying anything to draw attention to themselves in the most crowded social media space. They shared URLs to their blogs, posted statuses and did ‘Facebook Live’ … they are stilling doing it.

Yet, did anyone think to step back and look at it from the other side of the coin?
Sure, you’ve got plenty of content going up – but when I go to your Facebook Page – it is still absolutely unclear to me what you do and how in the world I can go about buying from you.

Before you proceed reading this any further, if you have a Facebook Page currently, that you are using to market – I want you to go to it, and take a really objective look.
Switch the view to ‘view as the visitor’ and examine each different component of your Facebook Page from the perspective of someone who has actually come to it, looking for real information.

Ask yourself these four serious questions:

From a first glance, is it clear what I do or sell?
Is the process of connecting with me or making a purchase clearly defined?

Does this look trustworthy and credible?
Would I connect with me, or would I just move on?

You see, Facebook has designed pages to be utilized as their own answer to traditional websites. Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook and allowing businesses to have pages to promote themselves from, is really just there the way of making sure their users NEVER have to leave and that the valuable eyeballs stay on Facebook at all times.

In fact, and here is a fun tip: Facebook actually SANCTIONS off-site links shared on Facebook.
So, if your entire strategy has always been to take people from Facebook – to your actual domain – you have been whipped in the organic reach department for some time.

To understand, how to best use a Facebook Page for marketing, you have to look at it as almost an entire website – that needs to be designed for functionally, with a clear converting action staring you right in the face.

Remembering always, that a person’s attention span on social media is brief and that if you cannot capture them instantly into a funnel of sorts, you’re gonna lose them – and quite potentially their money – to someone who has been savvier about this then yourself.

Putting aside the ‘shock’ that goes along with realizing that maybe, you’ve been investing all of your energy in the wrong place on Facebook all these years, writing post after post, and starting to look at the tools provided by Facebook to help marketers actually succeed at generating sales from the space, you’ll find yourself in a much healthier place.

You CAN fix this.

Here’s a quick audit that you SHOULD take the time to do.

Quick Facebook Page Audit Checklist

1. Cover Art

☑️  Is it clear, properly sized on both desktop and mobile, and not pixellated?

☑️ Does your cover art clearly promote/speak to the CTA button on your Facebook page?

☑️ Is it branded and ‘on point’ making it obvious what you do or sell?

2. Tabs / Page Tabs

☑️  Have you chosen the correct page template for your business? Choose between shopping, business, venue, non-profit, services, restaurants & cafes, video creator, standard page layout

☑️  Have you explored each tab, utilized the ones that make sense for your business and turned off the visibility of the ones that do not?

3. About Section 

☑️   Is your “Category” choice accurate to your business?

☑️   Is all of the basic ‘information’ sections filled out properly with correct up to date information?

☑️  Have you eliminated sections from your page about a section that is not applicable

☑️  Location/street address, yes or no?: Note: this will impact who Facebook shows your page content to – if you are not a locally based business ( brick and mortar ) do not include a physical location!!!

4. Story *New Feature*

☑️  Have you filled out your story section and used it to your full advantage? story sections can have photos, videos, and more embedded right into them!

5. Other

☑️  CTA Button Does this reflect the fastest route to connecting with you / or promote your most important converting action?

☑️  Pinned Post  Does the post pinned to the top of your page introduce you to a new visitor or promote your most pressing converting action?
* Does your pinned post have a CTA button attached to it

☑️  Facebook Page Timeline Are the posts on your timeline reflective of your business and what you offer? Have you deleted or edited any posts that are no longer relevant?

Also, consider

✅ Is your page aesthetically attractive and “on brand” –
✅ Does your Like count look credible
✅ Have you interacted back with comments and engagements on your page?
✅ Do you have positive testimonials and reviews on your page
✅ Is your featured video / the video highlighted in your profile reflective of your brand
✅ Are the featured images/photos visible in your profile reflective of your brand
✅ Are you using the store function to sell and promote your products and services?
✅ Are you utilizing the other available tab options ( or turn them off and make them invisible )
✅ Do you have any events or offers that you can highlight on your profile? ( otherwise turn these features off )
✅ Have you set up your messaging inbox and auto-responder?
✅ Overall, what type of impression does your Facebook Page leave to visitors?

Give your Facebook Page the TLC that it deserves!

After you have taken the time to ‘fix’ your Facebook Page, you’ll probably be much more excited to share and promote it. Additionally, you’ll probably also come to the realization that when it comes to producing content for your Facebook Page, less is more and that your focus should be on promoting the page profile itself, as well as only the best high-quality content that you publish on it!

Now that it is becoming more difficult than ever to get organic reach for Facebook Pages, it is important to recognize that you are going to need to start using the Facebook Advertising functions to get your business seen on the platform. And having an attractive Facebook Page to draw attention to ( especially if you are paying for it ) it just common sense. After all, why would you spend your hard earn money bringing people to visit a half-finished, unattractive venue? With your Facebook Page, it is the same thing. If you are going to pay to make it seen, why not make it something worth seeing?

Introducing Facebook Page Makeover Services

Get your Facebook Page Made Over Head to Toe!


✅ Full audit of your Facebook Page
✅ Redesign of cover art, pinned post, story section header
✅ CTA focused ‘COPY’ for pinned Facebook post + story section
✅ Optimization of Facebook Page in the (4) key areas where conversion is possible!

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