Read This, Before You Spend Any More Money on Facebook Ads

Do you have products or services that you are wanting to market on Facebook? By now, if you have a business on Facebook chances are you have at least dabbled in Facebook Ads. How could you not? After all, it feels like every time you turn a corner on Facebook, Facebook is prompting you to create an ad.

Boost this. Click here and create an ad. They make it seem so simple!

And why wouldn’t they? Facebook wants you to spend your money because advertising is where the majority of their revenue comes from. However, when you don’t know what you are doing with Facebook ads – click getting click happy with the prompts that Facebook puts in front of you can be a costly mistake.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Around here we LOVE Facebook ads. Why? Because when you use them strategically a great Facebook Ad campaign can essentially be like printing money. We personally have seen clients 10Xs their investment in ads. And because of a large amount of demographic data that Facebook gives advertisers access to AND the fact that Facebook Ads manager has some pretty outstanding targeting ( and re-targeting ) features we cannot help but LOVE ’em. Facebook ads are awesome and they can do a lot for you and your business, that is – if you know what is up.

Don’t Make These Expense N00bie Errors

However, despite our own enthusiasm for Facebook Ads in our experience providing Facebook Ad Services we’ve also seen the worst of the worst. People, who without little to no understanding of marketing ( let alone Facebook advertising ) who get trigger happy and start “dabbling” in Facebook ads before they are ready – end up blowing through their entire campaign budget in a matter of days and who also – YIKES – do not make anything measurable back for it.

Today – we want to shed some light on this and advise you on some of the most common Facebook Advertising Mistakes and n00bies make.

We are also going to share with you EXACTLY how you can avoid ’em, by being a bit savvier about how you use the ad features on Facebook.

Common N00bie Error #1: Boosting for Boosting Sake  

The Facebook “boost” button is one of the most loathsome features on the Facebook business page. Many a “trigger-happy” page admin has been lured into the prompt to “just boost it” because… heck why not right? Every little bit helps.

Wrong – the types of posts that you SHOULD be boosting are your engagement posts. Posts that are meant to get your audience interacting and engaging on your page so that you can re-target